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It Happened One Weekend: Sundari Surprise

1) We've finally got an answer to the Sundari Lofts & Tower rumors, thanks to the Post's Dakota Smith. Turns out one of our least-favorite developments (right) is going through a drastic redesign, and the sales center won't be open for at least another six months. [Dakota Smith/NYPost]
2) A couple with a baby on the way is dead-set on living on the Upper West Side, even if it means ditching comfortable hospital housing and going on a whirlwind apartment adventure with the clock ticking on that bun in the oven. When it's all said and done, they'll have lived in three apartments ... in the same building! PLUS: The Hunter's Bachelor connection. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
3) Old, dusty Upper East Side tenements getting renovated as the amount of stock declines. [NYPost]
4) What to make of the "Aha!" moment? Take it from the lady who sold her apartment to Bono, when you find a place that feels like home, you'll know it instantly. [NYTimes]
5) Architect Hugh Hardy's vision of the couple that would inhabit a remodeled stable in Long Island City: "He's abandoned Merrill Lynch and she's left her job with Cosmo. They've embarked on their second careers; he's a sculptor with a ground-floor gallery. He designs his sculpture with a computer. She's writing an extraordinary book about his work." You know, it kind of seems like everyone's drunk in this story. [Tracie Rozhon/Sketch Pad]