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West Village Ladder #2: $500k to $1mil

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the West Village, where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we continue with listings between $500k and $1mil.]

1) What/Where: 1BR, 31 West 12th St.
Asking: $849k
The Skinny: Let's first be clear that we have defined the boundaries of the "West Village" rather expansively for this exercise, annexing what some call "Greenwich Village" and even part of the "Gold Coast." That said, this pre-War co-op on 12th between 5th and 6th has Jersey views and arched ceilings. Also note the "beautifully colored leaded glass windows," which should help ease your transition from low-security white-collar prison to this lovely treelined block.
· Listing: 31 West 12th Street [Stribling]

2) What/Where: Loft, 720 Greenwich (Perry/Charles)
Asking: $769k
The Skinny: Back to the land of the studio "open-plan loft" with this Greenwich St. bowling alley. The pics are not doing much to downplay the idea that this is one long room. (See floorplan.) Nor is the listed amenity, "large structural column," doing much for us. Still, exposed brick, walk-in closets, rooftop deck. Check it out for yourself at the open house this weekend.
· Listing: 720 Greenwich St., 3C [Bellmarc]

3) What/Where: 1BR, 51 Fifth Avenue
Asking: $750k
The Skinny: See discussion above about expansive nabe boundaries. Also note that we're not sure we'd pay three-quarters of a mil for an average-sized one bedroom, Gold Coast or no. But those pictures sure look purdy. Apparently someone else agrees; in contract.
· Listing: 51 Fifth Avenue [Warburg]

· West Village Ladder #1: [Curbed]