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Ratner Sues Over E-mail; Beer Issue Unresolved

You know something exciting's going on when the Sun suspends its subscribers-only online policy. Today's buzz is over allegedly forged e-mails sent in Ratner's name, including one to Brooklyn Brewery owner Steve Hindy announcing that the new Nets Stadium will carry Budweiser. "Nothing personal," the e-mail reads, "but I have to make a deal with the larger suppliers - Anheuser Busch for one - in order to really do the right thing. You're small time and always will be." Hindy had previously announced his support for the Atlantic Yards project. Ratner, who is not as amused as we are, has filed suit.

Meanwhile, nabe activist Dan Goldstein e-mails in to say: "to be clear, nobody associated with Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn has anything to do with this."
· Ratner Files Suit Over Rude E-mails Sent in His Name [NY Sun]