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Rumblings & Bumblings: If We Took a Holiday

[It's that time of the week again, when fellow Curbed readers ask and answer each other's questions about development doings around town. Email more questions, comments, or sweet digital photos to drop a note in the comments below. Answers sanitized for your good, clean fun on Thursday.]

1) Gowanus: "Does anyone know what's going on with the Gowanus Holiday Inn ('see' right)? Like, when will it be ready? My family is coming in May and I'd really like to stick them there, but haven't been able to find anything online." [Newyorkology says the Inn has set a "flexible" date of March 31. -ed]
2) Chelsea: "Any idea what's going on with the building that used to house Le Madri on the corner of 18th and Seventh? The building was shrouded last week and it looks like it's being readied for demolition at a fairly brisk pace. If that is the case, it truly is a shame to see another beautiful old building in Chelsea demolished to make way for another 'loft' condo monstrosity."
3) Tribeca: "There are 2 restaurants that have recently vacated on Church St in Tribeca… Seems like they should be hot properties, but not much is going on with them. One is corner of Church St and Walker (across from AT&T building and Tribeca Grand Hotel) which used to be the Burrito Bar. The other is the corner of Lispenard and Church, also across from the AT&T building and the Post office. This space used to be a pizza place. I've worked in the area for years and we are all curious if we are finally getting a Starbucks down here, or if something new is going to pop up…"
4) Carnegie Hill: "there's a building going up a block west of me on 97th btw park & lex -- south side of street. it looks like it's going to be 6 floors of apartments; right now it doesn't even have a facade, but it looks as tho the apartments from floors 2-6 will all have the same floorplan. if they put in expensive enough windows to block the noise of the train, it could be an excellent investment for a girl like me."
5) Chelsea: Regarding 130 W. 26th: Lot of weird activity going on there. Since the last police raid and bust of illegally sold clothing. and a failed attempt by the buildings neighbors to reduce the zoning from reduced to 7.5 from the 8.76. There have been fridges, slopsinks, heaters and boilers for sale, the last 2 weeks there was a HUGE double oven laying in the street infront of 132west26. From the BSA, the bottom two floors will be commercial with a 20ft setback, above that will be residential with a 30 ft setback...Just wondering if you had any information on what is going on over there?" [In lieu of an answer to this question, we will give credit for proper definitions of "slopsink." -ed]