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Judgment Day Along the Bowery?

Word came yesterday from a tipster, and we've been trying to digest it ever since: "The building is at the BSA - I couldn't get the whole story - but I believe a city agency is questioning the deductions and set-backs of the building. The building is listed as 4 East 3rd Street." And what building could he be talking about? Well, if you follow Curbed, then you know our 3rd Street obsession is none other than the Tower of Bowery, whose green outerwear is nearing its one day of accidental relevance per year. A check of the Board of Standards and Appeals' website shows that the building is on the docket for a 10 a.m. session (see above). We're not sure what could happen (a fine? A nuclear bomb dropped on it?), but we're excited by the possibilities. Someone give up the dish after the hearing!
· Board of Standars and Appeals Special Order Calendar [; PDF]
· Tower of Bowery Update: The View from Number 52 [Curbed]