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Hot for Whatever Just Stepped Out of 7 Times Square

Ignore for a moment how hard it is to get a decent, attractive full-profile photograph of Times Square Tower worth its weight in pixels (and if you're at all successful in doing so, ignore also how little character exists in the design). Then listen to the man who knows beauty when he sees it. And no, he's not talking about architecture (or blah-rchitect David Childs, or SOM). From that endless font of mockery?the Missed Connections section of Craigslist?a reader sends along this entry titled: "The women of 7 Times Square - m4w - 28."

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the constant parade of gorgeous women in and out of this building ... every time I am coming or going I never cease to be amazed, thanks for giving me a great distraction from the daily grind, you have no idea how many elevator fantasies have worked their way into my head.Three things come to our mind: a) Why can't he be like everyone else and just pick one stranger to fixate on? b) What particular tenants in that building can we blame for inspiring such generalized innuendo? c) Keep your head up in those elevators, ladies?for a potential date or stalker.
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