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Another Luxe Neighbor for Astor Place Condo

No fair pelting us with Three-Buck Chuck (Two more days, TJ's fans. Two. More. Days.) if we're wrong, but a Curbed reader has it that the triangular retail corner (12 Astor Place) that Astor Wines & Spirits is vacating this spring for the swankier Astor Center down the street, will be replaced by that rare breed of drugstore (by NYC standards at least) known as Walgreens. Quips our tipster: "It's a good thing the cube is all nice and shined now because the neighbors are getting high class: Kmart, Chase, Starbucks x 2 [or 3 or 4?ed.], and soon Walgreens." To the Sculpture for Living, all we have to say is: Wipe that shocked look off your face and go back to reading your Esquire.
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