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Apt. Tower Plans Being Hatched Inside Pumpkin House

From our slush pile, we picked up this play within a play, set deep within inside Hudson Heights' own Casa Calabaza, which is recently back on the market:

I went on a tour of the Pumpkin House in Washington Heights last weekend (myself a resident of the neighborhood). The item that was most surprising and eye-opening, however, during the tour was in the rental unit downstairs. The current tenant in that space is an architect and had a gigantic model of a 24-story residential building to be built at the corner of West 184th Street and Overlook Terrace, at the exit of the A train 181 Street station. I don't see how a building of that magnitude could get built in the bedrock over the train station, enveloping (and dwarfing) the elevators up to Fort Washington. We've sent in our Curbed helicopter to take an aerial shot of the corner in question?notice the lower street-level subway exit at the bottom?but frankly, we have no idea whether this guy is a genius or a madman. Yet we're intrigued.
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