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West Village Ladder #3: $1mil to $2mil

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the West Village, where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we continue with listings between $1mil and $2mil.]

1) What/Where: 2BR, 111 Barrow St.
Asking: $1.65 mil
The Skinny: Okay, this one's in the "REAL WEST VILLAGE." More breathless all-caps in the listing, including a rhethorical "NEED MORE?!?!" flourish at the end. 1400 sqft and a fair amount of light from what we can surmise from the photographs. Doorman, co-op building.
· Listing: 111 Barrow St. [Corcoran]

2) What/Where: 2BR, 5th Ave.
Asking: $1.095 mil
The Skinny: We return to the Gold Coast for this study in awkward staging; really show 'em you care by leaving your shoulder back in the marketing shot! Nevermind, "king-sized bedrooms" and "bathroom with a tub" should turn this poorly lit empty space into your romantic getaway.
· Listing: 5th Ave Pre-War 2 Bedroom [MarkDavid]

3) What/Where: 2BR, 89 Washington Place (at 6th Ave.)
Asking: $1.75 mil
The Skinny: On the other end of the photography-lighting spectrum, we find this condo, which looks, er, not quite real in its living room close-up. Well, it does say "amazingly bright and airy." Meanwhile, "In the center of the open living space is a wood burning fireplace that can be enjoyed while dining, cooking or relaxing by the fire." You may also choose to unwind by the fire, or perhaps drink a glass of wine by the fire, if you wish.
· Listing: 89 Washington Place [Halstead]

UPDATE: An alert reader has informed us that we left out "the best one-bedroom apartment downtown." See, says so right there in the listing. 302 West 12th Street (at 8th Ave.). $1.5 mil. Alas, no pictures.

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