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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Book It, July in Gowanus

[Answers to Tuesday's reader queries below. Email more questions, comments, or sweet digital photos to drop a note in the comments below. Thanks, as always, for playing.]

1) Gowanus: Wanna getaway on the banks of the Gowanus this spring? Not going to happen in the Holiday Inn Express. Website says accepting reservations for July 1, 2006. [photo above via Idle Words]
2) Chelsea: On 18th and 7th, word is "the Le Madri building is indeed going to be 'lux' condos - the height should be similar to the 'Vesta 17' building on 17th and 7th a block down and across 7th."
3) Tribeca: Church St. vacancies report: "Nam Phuong space (on Ave of Americas across from the Tribeca Grand) was taken over by Soho Pharmacy next door. Burrito Bar closed ages ago, and early reports were a Brazilian restaurant, but it's been so long I seriously doubt that'll happen, but they are actively renovating it now."
4) Carnegie Hill: We are awaiting word on the details of the new development on 110 E. 97th. As soon as they hit our inbox, we will forward them to each and every one of you.
5) Chelsea: Regarding all the slopsinks* and other junk on the at 130 W 26th, a commenter notes that it "is the new home of Chelsea Bicycles -- they moved down the block from 152. All of the junk on the street came from them cleaning out the storefront."

*BONUS: "Slopsink: a large square or rectangular {double} plastic or metal sink useful for large buckets, artists, etc. Not pretty or ultimately as sanitary as an ordinary sink. Common in industrial or basement settings." Gold star, as promised, for commenter enid.

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