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Finger Building Crane Caught Gesturing Obscenely

Apparently peeved that it's not getting to stick out as much, the Finger Building in Billyburg (144 North 8th St.) is throwing a temper tantrum. Actually, it's not the building, but the crane associated with the tower, but still, this baby's angry. Viewer discretion advised, due to the violence that follows:

I'd like you to know the 20-story crane on the Finger Building construction site ... hit my building yesterday. It left 2 dents on the external wall and cracked the plaster above and around my fireplace on the inside. I was playing with my 3-year-old son right in front of the fireplace when it happened between 7:30-8 am yesterday morning. It was a very frightening experience. There's a stop work order on the crane now. The construction company will need to move it further away from our building. When the crane's operating, the clearance is less than 6 inches.
Yikes! Watch where they're swinging that thing.
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