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Shvo, Now at a Subway Entrance Near You

Because we're a little twitchy having gone a whole week without a mention of uber-broker Michael Shvo, two gems from today's Metro interview with the boy genius:

1) On entering the biz in his early 20s: "I looked young in an industry full of ruthless older women. Ten years later there’s still not a lot of youth in real estate. But the developers are younger. The buyers are younger. I’m the only one from this generation. And it’s a different way of thinking. Some of my colleagues in the business don’t even know how to open their e-mail."
2) In response to a question about the next hot nabe: "[T]he waterfront in Williamsburg and Greenpoint and Long Island City will look like the Miami skyline in five years."

Thanks for indulging us. Normal motor control resuming.

BONUS: Fortune soaks up the fresh scent of Shvo marketing vehicle 20 Pine and the rest of the financial district revival.
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