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WTC Update: Time for Larry to Beat It?

This is like season three of the Three Stooges, except it's not that funny and Larry's probably the one who's leaving instead of Shemp. Today's WTC slapstick comes in the form of a call from the Pataki administration (playing the role of Moe, poorly we may add) for Larry Silverstein to start building the Freedom Tower or "move out of the way." Curly Bloomberg (aka the mayor) also thinks it's time for brother Larry to get moving. This, a day after negotiations between the parties flamed out in a series of why-I-oughta's.

Meanwhile, Silverstein's backers contend that the boss (who still holds a lease on the property) remains thirsty to get a deal done. "I have never seen Larry more optimistic about getting a deal done," Janno Lieber, a Silverstein Properties VP, told the Times, referring to last night's late-night sessions. "He drank two cups of coffee because he was going to sit there until it was done." Poor Larry. Had to pee all night and didn't even have a single new tower to show for it.
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