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Eater Tastings: Freeman's Is for the Birds

Inside Tuts, the new hookah bar at 196 Orchard. Photo by Kalina.

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) At Jefferson, 20% off brunch means time to cue the DeathWatch music. Also on the Watch: Barça 18.
2) Freeman's facelift update, straight from the source: "We plan on having the whole shebang open in April. The menu will expand with the new kitchen, and we have the biggest collection of Victorian-era bird box taxidermy in America clearing customs as we speak - Taavo did a special trans-Atlantic jaunt to Cornwall just for the birds..." Mm, menu, stuffed birds.
3) "Today for lunch I had Mixed Vag."
4) Finally, In case you missed the big food message board news last weekend, Chowhound has been swallowed whole by CNET.

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