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West Village Ladder #5: $5 mil and Up

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the West Village, where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we conclude with listings for $5mil and up.]

1) What/Where: Duplex, 11 Christopher St.
Asking: $5.975 mil
The Skinny: 4 BR pad "truly floats above the epicenter of Greenwich Village," a remarkable feat of construction. Located in the newly renovated Jefferson Court*, the duplex has all of the requisite fancy finishing touches, which are dutifully strung together in the listing. No more! We give!
· Listing: 11 Christopher St., Apt. 4S [Corcoran]

2) What/Where: Townhouse, 36 Commerce St.
Asking: $6.25 mil
The Skinny: 5 BR, 5 1/2 baths and 7wood burning fireplaces. That is going to be one hot house. Completely renovated with a big terrace in the back. the interior shots are leaving us a little flat, but it could be the decor that's throwing us.
· Listing: 36 Commerce St. [Stribling]

3) What/Where: House, 113-115 Bank St.
Asking: $18.95 mil
The Skinny: 3-story, 44’x95’ property, built as two houses and combined for the Northern Naval Officers’ Hospital during the Civil War, according to the listing. "Boundless potential," which may explain the lack of interior shots. We'd come in at $18.5 mil, though, accounting for the fact that it looks like the facade could use a cleaning.
· Listing: 113-115 Bank St. [Sotheby's]

*BONUS: Don't miss estimable design and development blogger Triple Mint's survey of four new condo developments, including the aforementioned Jefferson Court, in this 'hood.

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