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Measuring Square Feet at the Ariels Uptown

We've touched upon this before in an Ask Curbed post and elsewhere, but a reader writes in about the seemingly shady and yet totally disclosed way that square footage is measured in a building like, say, one of the Ariels, at Broadway and 99th. The short version:

While thumbing through [the offering plan], I noticed that the apt sizes on the floor plans did not at all match those listed on the Schedule A - not even close. Reading further, I discovered this paragraph tucked away on page 247:

"Residential units plans depicting layouts of Residential Units in the Schedule A appear in Part II of the Plan. Purchasers should note that the square footage of each Residential Unit as reflected in Schedule A includes a Unit's allocated share of elevator vestibules and stariwells..."

Apparently, Extell has included the elevators and stairways in their calculation of apartment sizes ... It was one part curiousity and, I suppose, one part dorkiness that drove me to figure out what the sum difference was for the entire building. In the end, the discrepancies between the Schedule A unit sizes and the actual units sizes are in the range of 300 sqft per apartment. According to the Schedule A, the average price per sq ft is $1230. Sounds like a fair deal until you do the math and realize the pricing actually averages out to $1393 per sq ft!!!!

Our takeaway? Sometimes you gotta punch the numbers, or perhaps employ a doohickey like the one pictured above.
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· Ask Curbed: Square Footage SizeChopping [Curbed] BONUS: Because you asked, the doohicky above is a Stanley 77-007 IntelliMeasure Ultrasonic Estimator with Laser Pointer. No, we've never used one, and no, we don't endorse this measurement doohickey over others. Yet.