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On the Green, But Not in the Hole: Museum at 26 B'way

The reappearance (in our collective Curbed-y consciousness yesterday) of the former Cunard Line booking hall at 25 Broadway got us thinking: What next for this space overlooking Bowling Green? The not-knowing is just painful, so can you really blame photo contributor niznoz for believing the Times back in April of '05 when a sports writer reported: "The 100,000-square-foot [National Sports Museum] at 25 Broadway in the former Cunard Passenger Ship Line building is scheduled to be completed in November 2006," but then never corrected it.

Ya see, problem is, the future home of college football's Heisman Trophy and lots of other sports-type stuff will actually be across the street at 26 Broadway, according to the museum's website. An e-mail to the nascent institution's main info address hasn't been returned as of pressing-the-publish-button time, but perhaps the Nov. '06 finish date is still correct? Maybe?

If you must know, the '20s-era building at No. 26 is famous for being part of the Rockefellers' Standard Oil empire. There, got your factoid for the day, ya happy?
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[Photo via artiseverywhere]