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Trends in Real Estate Advertising: In-Progress Curb Appeal

Flipping through this week's New Yorker (we always read the cartoons first), we caught a glimpse of the picture above: none other than the Urban Glass House. Could it be that Paul Goldberger, "The Sky Line" critic and Parsons dean, would be sitting down to feast on the Philip Johnson-Annabelle Selldorf posthumous lovechild? No such luck. (Instead, he's distracted by a "giant, quilted doughnut" of an arena in Munich. Pshaw!)

So we're left with this construction shot, which?except for its high sheen and exceptional effort to crop out all non-UGH-associated logos?might as well be appearing in this very space. This is what it's come to, people: Snap an in-progress pic, maybe Photoshop it a bit, slap a URL at the bottom, and wait for the (overconfident, horny and ironically misogynistic?) buyers to come flocking.

On the flipside of that glossy magazine page? One of Shvo's 20 Pine sylphs, in silhouette, and at least trying to look like she's impressed by her Casa d'Armani.
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