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Dept. of Unrealized Projects: Fort Tryon Towers

Don't let 'em tell you they don't dream big up in Hudson Heights. Behold the rendering for Fort Tryon Towers, a residential project envisioned (but since rejected) for the peculiar cliffside corner of W. 184th St. and Overlook Terrace. Apparently this is the crazy design everyone keeps seeing inside the downstairs unit of the Pumpkin House. Let the latest tipster explain:

I saw the same model when I toured ... Alarmed at the scope of the building, I called the office of Councilman Robert Jackson. A woman there ... said the architect used the lower apartment in the "Pumpkin House" as his office. She said that the NYC Dept. of Buildings had rejected their plan, but that the developers could submit another plan and that one might be approved. She said that the lots were zoned such that there would be little one could do to stop construction if the plans were approved. ... I spoke to the man who owns the lots a few years back when he first had the trees and brush removed from the rocky hill above the subway entrance. That was the first inkling we had that something was going on. He told me he'd owned the land for years and was waiting to develop it.

The architect is one John Saracco, whose name isn't exactly household yet. Engineering by the Mehandes firm, whose site offered up the above rendering and where the brave browser will find lots of other fantastical designs, realized or not.
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