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Broker Blogwrap: Bloomberg-Ready!

1) Here's a nice looking broker blog we haven't linked before, straight outta Brooklyn. He's kicking off the month with his apartment picks for March, so you know what that means: Dumbo! (30 Main, right) [Realtor Guy]
2) What will the co-op board ask for? You know, besides the DNA sample. [UrbanDigs]
3) Reports from kickoff parties for The Aurora and 485 Fifth Avenue: "These homes are 'ipod connected and Bloomberg-ready' which we just will summarize here as high tech, since we don’t know what Bloomberg-ready means." [HHRealtyGroup Blog]
4) Getting pumped for the Crosby Street Lofts: "a refreshing break from the barrage of glass curtain creations." [The Upper Crust NYC]