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LES: The Hipster Wars Continue?

Fresh off the news that EU was denied a liquor license, this somewhat related news for the LES. Apparently 136 Ludlow Street, currently housing the YU Laundromat, has been sold and will be replaced with a new apartment building. That's not too exciting in and of itself, but a tipster writes in with some juicy bits that spice things up a little:

If you look closely however, 136 is located directly across the street from Libation, the neighborhood's worst offender of all things loud, drunk and obnoxious. I feel bad for these unsuspecting new tenants, as their first night on the block will have them almost certainly question whether living on Ludlow Street is really worth it. Let the good times roll...this one could be fun to watch.
· Libation Sparks LES Hipster War [Curbed]