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East Village Noise Wars Update: EU Denied License

The East Village noise wars have claimed their first major scalp. Yesterday, the State Liquor Board denied a liquor license application from European Union, a new gastropub looking to open on East 4th Street near Avenue B. The killer: EU had already invested megabucks in slick interior design from design firm AvroKo and have been ready to open since the fall; a PR campaign—like the signs in its window (above)—failed to sway folks worn out by the noise from nearby troublemakers.

Notes a gloating email in Eater's inbox from an area resident, "We are over-saturated with bars and restaurants in this area and had the owners of EU done their homework before dropping $1M+ they would have known that their plans are not appropriate for this neighborhood. But all through this process, their arrogance has been breath-taking -- what goes around, comes around." To which we'll echo: ouch.
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