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Slush Pile for a Remake of James Fauci's 'Caligula'

Digging through the bin of scenarios that didn't make the cut for that new Caligula remake at the Whitney, we find this idea for The Manor, a "playground for the rich and famous," which would be located at 73 Eighth Ave. (former home of fellow nightspot Pink Elephant) in "the chic Meat packing District." That is, if it actually existed, and we're not convinced it does as long as the website,, is a dead link. But on to the feast:

The level of MANOR is one of opulence and luxurious amenities. Beginning with the private Marquis Jet Phone inside the club that can whisk you off within minutes to your next exotic destination or a fleet of 2006 Cadillac Escalades awaiting a VIP's excursions – you are sure to enter this surreal world as if walking into a playboy's private wing of a mansion. Composed in an elegant palette ranging from deep cocoas to ecru with a splash of bright ambers, leather floors and walls and black walnut wood, Manor will bring you back to the traditional definitions of its name.

Reminiscent of a luxury Pied a Terre; Manor's design includes sculptural installations, dioramas (light boxes with 3 dimensional collages), proscenium arches that frame the gracious composition of the space with an array of live seasonal trees such as Cherry Blossoms for the spring.

If you haven't become violently ill yet, head for seconds after the jump.

UPDATE: Shoulda known the flacks would miss an all-important letter in the web address: It's, according to a commenter, and boy, does that homepage tease.

The Manor is composed of 3 defined rooms which all have a unique theme beginning with "The Bar Room" which parlays the guest to feel as if they are participating in a theatrical setting or feel as if they are back stage of a play. This room holds up to 60 people. The "Drawing Room" is a juxtaposition of floating planes and continuous site lines that seemingly melt into the horizon. The feel and ambiance of the room defines modern luxury with the use of supple leathers, rich woods, refined furniture and at end of the room is a state of the art deejay podium clad in 24-carat gold, inspired from altars in cathedrals. The "Trophy Room", located on the lower level, utilizes stone finishes and rich wood surfaces. The Furniture is modern and finished with black pony skin, cattle horn and refined wood details.
BTW, if this place were to actually exist, James Fauci, "son of Maria Theresa Fauci, 'a cornerstone of New York high society,'" would be the developer, and March 30th would be the opening.