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Stalking Gawker

According to New York magazine, Nick Denton has rented a storefront on Crosby Street that will serve as some sort of new pseudo-HQ for Gawker:

As is his habit, Denton refuses to comment on the record, but this much is known: A plate-glass window will let passersby view the bloggers a-blogging, there won’t be cubicles, there will be sofas, and the walls will be green.Rumors abound that Denton is planning to hire David Blaine to do his next magic trick from Gawker's new office. People will be able to watch from the street as Blaine attempts to freeze himself in a block of ice for five straight days. In other news, Curbed's new office is being developed by a consortium of Richard Meier, Ian Schrager, Philippe Starck, Frank Gehry, Armani/Casa and Michael Shvo?it should be ready some time in 2020. Until then, we will continue blogging while sitting on a park bench across the street from TJ's.
· Bloggers Behind Glass [NYMag]

UPDATE: A special (cough) correspondent sends along a cameraphone shot of the new Gawker HQ exterior (above). N.B. view into the space from street obscured by pussywillow branches.