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Curbed Needs You: Reader Survey & Map Time!

Favor time redux! About a week ago, about 500 Curbed readers kindly filled out our first-ever Reader Survey. Before we tally and release the results—for those who asked, yes, the data will be made public here on Curbed—we'd like to request (in our best NPR voice) that you give something back to us by taking three minutes to fill out the survey. Feel free to skip any questions that offend your moral sensibilities, but the more you can tell us, the more we can tell potential advertisers about this site's readership. And the more goodness that'll mean editorially down the road.

Bonus fun! It's been a few months since we revisited the Curbed Reader Map (above). If you haven't added yourself to it, go ahead—there's no profit motive on this one, just the raw pleasure of seeing which neighborhoods your fellow Curbed readers call home.
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