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Real Estate Poetry: 'Leaving Dumbo,' for Pep Gay

Indulge us for a moment, while we bang these bongos and recite our latest work of found poetry, taken entirely from a Sunday Times story about Dumbo, which was so lyrical we couldn't contain our muse. It's called "Leaving Dumbo," and it's dedicated to Pep Gay (right), with apologies to Stephen P. Williams:

he was scared / spent his youth helping cut meat / makeup artist off the ground / flanked by rivers spanned by bridges that led to other worlds / some trepidation / on a warm summer day / where were the gangs and the pit bulls / the vast arc / Manhattan Bridge / for safety's sake the gunpowder / jutting into the courtyard / disgorge their loads / transfixed by the view / powerful currents swirled mesmerized / so many other New Yorkers have said to so many friends before / impossible to get a space / noisiest drunken intersection / not-too-successful fashion model / fall arrived, then winter, and one day / tear the sign down / don't ask, don't tell / key money / excitement over this / like a dream / Brooke Shields, Deborah Harry and Isabella Rossellini / stargaze

a huge sack of cacao beans / many little bottles of honey / catacombs of treasures / please don't take this / let alone a sushi bar / heirloom tomatoes / with braces on his teeth and two tiny titanium studs / impending disaster / deep-seated need / meditate / there aren't any left

Thanks ... Our chapbook is for sale at the back table. Just $5. Speak truth!
· A Pioneer Knows When to Move On [NYT/Habitats]