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WTC Chaos Update: Talking About Talking

1) Last week, Port Authority rejected new offer by developer Larry Silverstein to "talk." In exciting news, "talks" resumed over weekend. Goal for midweek: "more formal discussions." As usual, everyone's batshit insane. [NYTimes; NYPost]
2) Silverstein cozying up to Eliot Spitzer; expects presumed next governor will favor him with development rights, rose petals, dinner at Morimoto. [NYSun]
3) Memo to Silverstein, Pataki: "Gentlemen, your mutual failure is our collective disgrace." And our collective amusement. Adds New York, "Who loses? Probably us." Duh. [Slatin Report, NYMag]
4) Best WTC headline in ages: "Why Silverstein Can't Get It Up." [Online Journal]
5) Compelling historical WTC aerial "found photo." [Curbed Photo Pool]
6) Let's end on an up note: guided tours of Ground Zero begin. "This means that crazy tour guide guy will no longer be the only authoritative human source of information at ground zero." [A Test of Will (photo above);]