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Tribeca Whole Foods: Who's Got the Goodness?

With Trader Joe's now serving the hordes just off Union Square, what foodie emporium shall we obsess about next? Sure, there's the Whole Foods at Avalon Chrystie Place, but it's a year off at best. Let a tipster, then, remind us of a similar obsession further south:

i just lost a bet that the tribeca whole foods was going into the formerly foster's now kondylis' 200 chambers st. instead of the SOM neighbor to the south. i coulda sworn i saw big vinyl ads plastered to the 200 chambers construction site! and i live and work right near there. was whole foods ever going in there? or did they advertise on the wrong site and make me lose my bet?? i never lose these bets. please help me, curbed, you're the only one i can trust.Whether or not Whole Foods advertised on 200 Chambers, we can't be certain, but a dive into the Curbed archives turns up a schematic of the SOM-designed 270 Greenwich (above left) from January 2005 that clearly has the Whole Foods branding. A revised rendering, released at the time of groundbreaking at 270 Greenwich (above right) last month, also sports the telltale trace of Wholeness. (Reported opening for 270G in "early 2007" strikes us as optimistic, but the hype engine can never crank up too early on these things, QED.)
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