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Guilty Pleasures, Public School Knobs Edition

Looking to add some old-school charm to your eclectic renovation project? Blogger Callalillie has found the perfect accessory: a specialty knob that at one time supposedly "could be found on every interior New York City public school door." When? We haven't watched enough episodes of "Antiques Roadshow" to even wager a guess. But beware, for a certain brand of buyer's remorse may set in. She got hers on eBay, but:

Owning the knob also makes me feel a bit guilty. In many cases, these have been stolen from schools over the past twenty or thirty years, as they can have a rather high antique value. Now, in addition to nostalgia, I can't help but wonder who removed it from the school in the first place.· Getting a Handle [Callalillie]