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Go North, Young Hipsters

Soho? Yeah right. Williamsburg? C'mon. DUMBO? Fuhgedaboutit. LIC? Uh, no. It's all about the Y-O, baby! Says a tipster: "Sign of the Apocalypse #665: Yonkers chic!!!" Here's an email currently making the rounds within the art set:

We are opening YOH Art Bar/Wine Gallery full-time hopefully by June. (See We plan to rent a few work loft spaces on the second floor. Please spread the word to any artists you know who may be looking for studio space 27 minutes to NYC by Metro-North.YOH apparently stands for Yonkers-on-Hudson, which sounds like a New Tribeca situation to us. And just so you know, the subject line on the email is: "New ArTisT WoRk LOft SpACe in Yonkers," so apparently they're targeting young, hip artists that double as 12-year-old AIM addicts.
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