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Harlem Hoopla: Prices, Buildings Continue to Rise

[Yesterday's post about development in Harlem has spawned one heck of a comment thread (102 comments and counting) about the pros and cons of Upper Manhattan living. Herewith, three more Harlem tidbits...]

1) Corcoran sends along a new market report that breaks out 2005 co-op and condo data for Morningside Heights, Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood. "Significant gains were made by co-ops and the result was an average +21% in average sale price and +16% in price per square foot. More condo sales on the northern end of the island-typically the more affordable areas-kept the average sale price increase modest and actually lowered the price per square foot by –9%." Tons more data, including charts like that for Harlem (above), in this here PDF download. [Corcoran Harlem Report, PDF]
2) Blogger Joe Schumacher photographs the shiny metal facade of new development on 116th Street and mediates on how the designs reflect the neighborhood. [WATPA?]
3) Alongside recent Curbed fave Bagel in Harlem, we've lately been digging another Harlem-based blog, Uptown Flavor. Lots of restaurant, arts, and other, uh, uptown flavor. [Uptown Flavor]

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