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Atlantic Avenue Jail Update: Add Condos, Stir

Regarding the possible re-occupation of the Atlantic Avenue Jail in Cobble Hill, borough president Marty Markowitz takes last week's news that high-end retailers might be sought for street-level tenants and evolves it to an even more bizarre extreme. Reports the Sun's David Lombino, "Markowitz wants to raze the 800-bed jail on Atlantic Avenue and sell about three-quarters of the site's development rights. The proceeds would be used to build a more efficient jail near the back of the lot, hidden behind a new mixed-use building."

Which of course makes total sense: tear the jail down and build another one while throwing some high-end tenants into the mix. We're totally in favor of this if only to see what catchy name the developer would give the place. The Annex? LockDown? Atlantic Avenue Jail: The Collection?

Add this to Lois Weiss' report today that the owners of the Chelsea Market building are thinking about adding 300,000 square feet of residential space above the existing old Nabisco Factory ("such a tower could be raised on strong stilts, or rest on one or the other ends of the market") and it must be said: we're feeling that oldskool BubbleWatch™ vibe coming on like a freight train today.
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