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2 Columbus Circle's Ethereal Lobby Taunts Us

[Rendering by Allied Works Architecture]

Step past the protest barrier in your mind and picture it: you're in the lobby of an iconic New York building, upgraded with, uh, millions of tiny lights hanging from the ceiling. Across the lobby, a rack of alluring knicknacks veritably glimmers. You, sir or madam, are living the 2008 dream of visiting the Museum of Arts and Design at 2 Columbus Circle.

Of course, if you're one of the preservationists who opposed the 2 Columbus renovation, you probably won't be there. And you won't like the musuem head's comment on the controversy. ("At least many, many people know that there will be a Museum of Arts and Design at Columbus Circle, and you can't pay for that kind of marketing.") Oh, and you really won't like the fact that preservationist group Landmark West's ShameCam seems to have had its view of the 2 Columbus carnage blocked by some other construction. Witness their pain after the jump.

November 11, 2005.

March 22, 2006. Ouch.

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