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Don't Call It East Chelsea No Mas

Back in 1980 boxer Roberto Duran famously uttered the phrase, "No mas. No mas," to signal the end of his second fight with Sugar Ray Leonard. With the proliferation of restaurants recently opening north of Madison Square Park, at least one writer is hoping the phrase can find new life:

A Voce is one of four highly touted, expensive venues to open just north of Madison Square Park since October; the others are Country, Urena and Porcao Churrascaria. Diners might call this new area the ``North of Madison Square Park'' restaurant district, or NoMaS. We're not ready to throw our hat into the ring and endorse this new 'hood just yet, but considering the pounds Duran has put on since his fighting days, the cross-over marketing potential seems fairly obvious.
· Food Buzz [Bloomberg]