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On the Decline and Fall of Manhattan Supermarkets

Riffing on the closing of the Union Square D'Agostino and the arrival of Trader Jo—well, you know—the Times drops some fun factage about the incredibly shrinking Manhattan supermarket scene:

1) In the past decade, "the proportion of markets on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side and Midtown had declined to about 30 percent of the total, from 70 percent."
2) "Food City Markets once had six stores in Manhattan and is now down to one, at Columbus Avenue and 94th Street... The last A.& P. in Manhattan, at 70th Street and West End Avenue, shut its doors in January."
3) "In Manhattan, the number of food stores that are 5,000 square feet or larger has actually grown in the last decade, to 196 from 154."

Why the dwindling crop of supermarkets? Sez Jeff Winick of Winick Realty Group, "The buildings don't want the vermin; they'd rather have a drugstore." A thought which suddenly makes FreshDirect seem that much more appealing.
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