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East Village Ladder: $1mil to $2mil

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the East Village, where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we continue with apartments priced between $1mil and $2mil.]

1) What/Where: 2BR, E. 3rd St. (Ave. B and C)
Asking: $1.2 mil
The Skinny: We lived in a fifth-floor walkup once, so we know it can be done. Of course, we didn't pay $1.2 mil to live there, and it wasn't east of Ave. B. Still, the listing says it's worth it, on account of the fact that this "serene and zen palace is nothing like you've ever seen in Manhattan's very desirable East Village." Ahem. Actually, we quite enjoyed reading this listing, which has a number of inventive, if dubious, flourishes. For instance, upon entering the living room, you will be "immediately engulfed by a wall of seven Southern facing windows." Also, the kitchen is "subtly hidden yet accessible." Open house Sunday 2:30-4.
· Listing: 211 East 3rd St. [Corcoran]

2) What/Where: 2BR, E. 10th St. (2nd & 3rd)
Asking: $1.295 mil
The Skinny: Upper floors duplex with a private roof deck. Only one interior pic (wooden ceiling!), so you'll have to imagine it. The kitchen, says the listing, is a " chefs dream come true... complete with a pot filler above the classic xxx 1950's store." Awesome. We thought Guiliani had removed all the xxx stores. ('50 style! Doubly hot!)
· Listing: 122 E. 10th St. [Brown Harris]

3) What/Where: 1BR Duplex, East Village (parts unknown)
Asking: $1.8 mil
The Skinny: We admire the specifity of the description of the ceiling height (16.8'), and so we will forgive the use of "sun-drenched." (Though, in this case, there does seem to be some soaking, at the very least.) Another duplex, this one's a one bedroom, and in Sotheby's style, cannot be located on the map. Looks like a winner though.
· Listing: East Village [Sotheby's]

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