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Unprompted Development Website Review: Tiffany Tower

Out in the Columbia Street Waterfront neighborhood, known to some as West Cobble Hill and to others as BoCoCa, a new development is springing up on the cobblestone street of Tiffany Place, just down the block from our former Fizzbows. Tiffany Tower is at 20 Tiffany Place, and we don't know much about it yet besides it being marketed by Tom Le at Corcoran and designed by Narofsky Architecture. We do know that the website is up, and at least one Curbed reader is throwing in his two cents on the site's low-budget charm:

Tiffany Tower looks to be almost ready for prime time, but they may want to do a little work on their website. I mean, no Flash animations set to pulse-pounding new age music? No semi-pornographic interior renderings for real estate pervs to masturbate to? No copy espousing how living there will not only make you rich and powerful, but will also increase your sexual prowess to almost god-like levels of pleasure? What are they thinking?!Maybe Yanni doesn't fly on the hard-luck streets of Brooklyn, which would be great, because then he'd hit the cobblestones really, really hard. That's right, a Yanni joke. We're not afraid to go there.
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