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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Out of Gas

[Some thoughts on Tuesday's questions, as submitted by actual readers. More good questions and comments to or in the comments below.]

1) East Village: Regarding the space on 13t to 14th between 2nd and 3rd, a commenter notes that "Milstein bought the large lot almost 20 years ago and is sitting on it, probably waiting to acquire some of the properties on 14th St to make it a larger, more rectangular site. The trailer in front of it is for the Toll Brothers 3rd Avenue site."
2) Chelsea: (Non-gas edition): No takers on the developments on 21st and 22nd, only more questions, "it looks like he old 'olympia Deli' building on 6th & 25th is coming down soon. I noticed today the window glass has all been removed. What's up? Also a 4 story building just up 6th between 25th-26th has truckloads of sheetrock going in and it looks like a renovation. Anyone know what's going on? Its like a union meeting hall near 26th."
3) Harlem: No direct responses to the query about w. 121st street and mt. morris park. All the cool kids were hanging out in this Harlem development thread.
4) Chelsea: (Gas edition): Regarding the Boymelgreen at the site of the old Exxon on 10th and 23rd (see above right), a reader writes, "The 23rd Street gas station site is going to be rentals, last I heard--not condos." Slim pickins otherwise, though the Times mentioned a spring groundbreaking in a December High Line piece. LevievBoymelgreen lists the site, which is calls 10 Chelsea St, as "Under Development." No word on 34th and 10th.
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