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Stadium Report: All Yankees, All The Time

1) Breaking news: Empire State Development Corp. signed off this morning on financing for the new Yankees and Mets stadiums. That gives Yanks state funding for parking lots; Mets, for parking and infrastructure. [NY1]
2) That news doesn't mean all roadblocks are removed. For the Yanks, there's still the Bronx parkland dispute, slated to come up for City Council vote on April 5. To, um, sweeten the pot, Steinbrenner's offering $1 million yearly to the Bronx. Ah, the ol' bastard's still got his touch. [NYPost]
3) The core of the parkland protesters complaints was summarized yesterday in a Daily News op-ed: "Steinbrenner's stadium plan would destroy 400 mature trees in the existing park and create parking lots for 5,000 more cars—this in a neighborhood with the city's highest asthma rate." [NYDailyNews]
4) OnNYTurf, another staunch opponent of the Yankees' plan, has a new map (above) that purports to show "how the City plans to drop the Bombers on the Bronx." (Turned upside-down, the map details Giambi's steroid regimen.) [OnNYTurf via NoLandGrab]
5) Starts and Fits laments that if the new Yankee Stadium does get the final go-ahead, it won't be getting a new Metro-North station as part of the plan. "The Bronx suffers from more than its fair share of traffic as it is. Why create even more?" [Starts and Fits]
6) Meantime, the stalwarts at applaud the Yanks' move to sue the maker of "Yankee Hater" caps: "It's called a trademark. You want to make money off the Yankees? Try paying up." [NYYFans]

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