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Long Island City Nuggets: Power House & Pub Crawls

[Following up on yesterday's trio of Harlem nuggets, let's trip the light fantastic in Long Island City...]

1) Jake, perhaps Long Island City's most famous local resident by dint of his QueensWest site, brings this just-released new rendering of the Power House development to our attention. (We'd glimpsed an earlier view of the development that's taking over the Pennsylvania Railroad Power House back in January.) Notes Jake, "It shows more building details but not the rumored second tower." Design by architect Karl Fisher. [QueensWest]
2) Is the future of the Long Island City waterfront perhaps not that of South Beach, as broker Michael Shvo has suggested, but instead that of Battery Park City? The Architect's Newspaper drops a fantastic overview of Queens development, mapping all the sites where change is afoot. (Nifty detail: city planning chief Amanda Burden "hopes that a pedestrian bridge across Newtown Creek can someday connect the Queens West esplanade to the waterfront planned for Greenpoint-Williamsburg.") Clip and save this one. [The Architect's Newspaper via Polis, which offers bonus interview footage]
3) Thinking of scaring up some LIC magic yourself? No better place to start than this Saturday's pub crawl. [QueensWest]