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Thoreau's Nightmare Now Includes Bulldozers

It was almost a year ago when the Walden first came to our attention, and every time it has popped up since, detractors of the "luxury" condo development on East 130th Street in Harlem have pointed to the junkyard across the street as an indication of its unluxuryness. Well, it looks like those people will need to find something new to carp about (the rumble of the nearby train, perhaps?), because a tipster sends along word that the lot has been sold. He writes: "The lot has a new name, '1908 Park Avenue,' and to go with the new glamorous address is a glamorous pit with mud and water and construction machines. Sale record from Massey Knakal says 1908 Park Ave & 70 East 130th Street - $1,800,000 - Commercial User. I expect auto dealership but who knows?"

After the jump, two more pictures of what Walden residents will be staring at for a while.

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