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Ah, the Inevitable Meatpacking of the LES

From the hipster-infested byways of Ludlow Street, a Curbed reader emails: "Last nite saw a large chloe billboard (the handbag stack) on stanton and ludlow. I did a double take, was like 'whaaaaa...' for a minute and then just decided it looked like it belonged. Actually wonder why no one had thought of it before. LES as the new meatpacking district - now has the billboards to prove it."

Right on cue, the longtime rumblings to designate part of the LES as a historic district hit their latest snag at a community board meeting last week. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is pushing the designation for a swath of the hood, which would protect historic buildings from being razed—and, presumably, synagogues from shrinking.
· Lower East Side Resistance to Historic District [Downtown Express via Gothamist]