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Eater Tastings: The Buzz Machine

Inside SACHA, not to be confused with Sacha, who designed (and owns) the place. Home of double cheeseburgers and Chimay-soaked short ribs. Photo by Kalina.

More good dish from the Curbed/SLNY NYC restaurant blog Eater...

1) Deathwatch: "There hasn't been a person in 66 since last Spring. Place is toast..."
2) Readying for an April-ish opening, Buddha Bar, the 500-seat MePa outpost of the famous Paris Buddha shrine, is starting to buzz. Buzzzzzzzz
3) Bruni continues to defy the oddsmakers. One-star for Morimoto's cavernous new kitchen stadium.
4) New menu item from Shake Shack, which cleverly opened a day early this week: Second City bird wurst, a smoked chicken dog dragged through the garden.

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