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Curbed Readers Comments: Hot Threads

1) Shark Bites: Hindsight in Harlem (195 comments)
"Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is: I live on 135th. I like downtown. It takes me 20-25 minutes, same as it did when I lived in Brooklyn (love ya, F train). I love Harlem. And for me, there is more to life than downtown...Shizz or no shizz."
2) Harlem Hoopla: Prices, Buildings Continue to Rise (59 comments)
"One of my biggest incentives for moving uptown (from Hell's Kitchen) was the proximity to Riverbank State Park, where I can use the only 400m running track avail in Manhattan. Fairway is nearby, as are both the 1 and B/C lines. I'm a single, white, 26 y/o who appreciates a neighborhood with diversity and charm. I also have a gun. That last part was a joke."
3) Murray Hill: Like You've Always Seen It (56 comments)
"if these are the type of babes in murry hill, than i am defintley moving there when i graduate this spring!! HOT"
4) Long Island CIty Nuggets: Power House & Pub Crawls (36 comments)
"Good for you loving LIC, though. Really. Just not for me. I still see it as a boring, industrial area where prices are skyrocketing before any real development has taken place. I can't even image the prices once real gentrification starts taking place. As it stands, it's on track to become Williamsburg II, without the *initial* influx of artists, musicians, and scene."