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East Village Ladder #5: $5 mil and Up

[This week, we're taking our three-packs to the East Village, where we'll climb the price ladder from six- to eight-figures. Today, we conclude with apartments priced above $5mil.]

1) What/Where: Floor-thru, E. 12th (Bway & Univ)
Asking: $7.95 mil
The Skinny: We have been seduced by the 80'-long living room, and so we share the porn above. Walls of windows outside, "a soothing palate of gray and pale white" within. Fining dining downstairs.
· Listing: East 12th St. [Brown Harris]

2) What/Where: 4BR Duplex, Astor Pl (Bway and Laf)
Asking: $8.985 mil
The Skinny: Looks pretty sweet in there. Whether it's $9 mil sweet depends on whether you agree with a number of claims in the listing, most notably that there is a "harmony of warmth & simplicity?" Because, without that, you're left only with your friends Bang & Olufsen. 4BR, 4300sqft.
· Listing: 21 Astor Place [Elliman]

3) What/Where: Townhouse, E. 6th St. (Ave. A & B)
Asking: $7.75 mil
The Skinny: Wanted to present you with a single-family dwelling here, but we're finding it hard to spend more than $5 million east of Broadway, and we didn't want to resort to the Sculpture for Living. So, enjoy this six-story rental property. Here's what we know: "Decontrolled elevatored apartment building. Each apartment pay own heat ad electric." Hot elevator.
· Listing: E. 6th St. Townhouse [Century21 via NYT]

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