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East Village's Decline into Hell Continues Apace

Tucked between two existing dorms, and just under three blocks away from the St. Ann's Church that's slated to become 26 stories of student-salvation housing, NYU has its eye on another upper East Village site for—oh yes!—another dorm. The Villager reports that the university has not denied its interest in an open lot at Third Avenue and 10th Street that had been slated for a six-story rental construction. The classic non-denial non-denial! No details yet, developing, etc.

Meantime, over on Avenue B, The Villager serves up an update on the scaffolding we saw rising around the potentially doomed St. Brigid's Church last week. Notes one preservationist, "We feel the scaffolding is a form of intimidation." On the bright side, the Catholic Archdiocese has agreed to hold off on starting the demolition until preservationists' appeals move through the courts. Golden rule, developing, etc.
· NYU may be looking to add to Third Ave. dormitory row [The Villager]
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