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20 Pine Update: Good Living Makes Good Reading

[Curbed contributing editor Matt Lobron snuggles up to quality journalism at the 20 Pine launch party.]

Judging from the Curbed inbox this morning, downtown development experience 20 Pine: The Collection—the Michael Shvo-marketed development that brought us the Shvookie—is making another splash. Sez a trio of email tipsters:

1) "Don’t know if you saw this, but slipped into my FT this morning was a 113 page glossy adver-magazine for 20 Pine. Hilarious stuff abounds…you should get a copy."
2) "Check out a copy of 20 Pine The Collection mag - its a large glossy magazine with advertising inserted into today's Financial Times subscription. Not sure if its available at the newstand today with the paper but it must have cost a fortune to produce. Impressive."
3) "Holy cow, this morning’s Financial Times comes with a 112 page glossy 20 Pine lifestyle mag, complete with Ferraris, models, Armani furniture, blah blah fishcakes. I’m so there."

All well and good, but the real fun is in today's Wall Street Journal, which features an op-ed by Brian M. Carney concerning the 20 Pine phenomenon. The subheadline sets the scene: "An undistinguished bank becomes a pretentious condo building." With branded water for all!
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