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Curbed BuildingSpotter Answers: Upper West Luscious

Wednesday's BuildingSpotter, which sought the location of the building seen above, led commenters on a goosechase to The Braender, a similar-looking structure at 102nd near Central Park West (and home to this $1.05 million Stribling listing). Then things got back on course, and commenter #6 nailed the locale as The Raleigh at 7 W. 92nd St. Sez the AIA guide, "The Raleigh (apartments), 7 W. 92nd St., bet. Central Park W. and Columbus Ave. N side. 1899-1900. Gilbert A. Schellenger. A magnificent tenement that modulates the street with its columnar bays, and displays mannered and luscious rustications at its lower floors." Mmm .... luscious. And jolly good show.
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