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Ask Curbed: The 411 on Insurance

There's quite the backlog of Ask Curbed questions piling up in our inbox as of late, so expect a bunch of questions to drop this week. Let's start with two similar questions from the exciting world of insurance:

1) Any advice from your readers on how to navigate the condo insurance minefield?

2) What do your posters think about getting loss assessment insurance coverage for NYC co-op apts? Which companies provide the best insurance? Is it difficult to get such coverage? Does this insurance really pay when there are unexpected and large assessments? What about loss assessment coverage for such things as terrorist-related damage to buildings or foundation damage from 2nd Avenue subway drilling, for example?

Got the goods? Drop it in the comments or hit us on the tipline. Your own questions, covering any topics in the wild world of NYC neighborhoods or real estate, are welcomed, too: