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Random Brooklyn Roundup: Help Yourself Edition

1) A Curbed reader emails an update on migration patterns from the South Slope into the new hotness of Sunset Park: "I would like to say that Sunset Park is really becoming gay friendly. The Flags are out. So i think the word needs to spread." Time to update our migration map! [previous Curbed coverage]
2) Remember the controversy surrounding the luxury housing developments slated for the forthcoming Brooklyn Bridge Park? Seems the developers of 360 Furman are poised to snag $350 million in profits from their redevelopment of the old Jehovah's Witness building on the park's edge. This upsets some people. [NYPost; previous Curbed coverage]
3) Photographic proof that life in brownstone Brooklyn is just a little bit more awesome than anywhere else in America (above). [A Brooklyn Life]